We crave the creative outlet dance provides, we process through creating movement, we feed off of the energy performing generates, and we find fulfillment in sharing our art.

We savor our dance backgrounds and foster the depth of quality that our diverse life experiences bring to our movement. We are proud lawyers, PAs, teachers, business owners, doctors, realtors, students and mothers. We are a collection of women, united in our passion for all things dance.

We are Arc: a Montana Dance Collective.


The mission of Arc: a Montana Dance Collective is to ignite inquiry, inspire change, and connect people through dance-making and creative practices. Arc: a Montana Dance Collective collaborates across disciplines to channel the power of performance as a means for dialogue, a source of critical reflection, and a creative engine for thought and action. In furtherance of our mission, we are committed to maintaining and enhancing our status as a formally trained dance company that attracts Montana’s best dancers and choreographers and fostering an environment where the company can thrive and further develop the art form.




Arc | A Montana Dance Collective

Montana Dance Center

701 Daniel Street
Billings, Montana 59102

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